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aw summer the sweaty season sandals,sunshine,swimming so many s’s i feel like a,slithery wall snake,swimsuits i asked a poop town of ladies,what their main frustrations well,stay away from the candle what their,main frustrations were when picking out,a swimsuit and i don’t think i’ve ever,gotten so many replies so quickly they,came in like an avalanche like a big,hurdling fluffy like a there were a lot,of responses and out of thousands of,replies i narrowed it down to three main,grievances,lack of coverage lack of support and,lack of flatteringness,flatter flatulation oh and price let’s,talk about modesty,i definitely understand the desire for,modesty but before you make your,swimsuit you have to ask yourself this,question which of the following,areas are you most okay with risking a,little bit of showiness because when,moving around,a lot which you should be doing while,swimming because if you ain’t playing,mermaids why are you even swimming the,fabric will shift a bit when wearing a,one piece gravity dictates that you,heighten the wrist of the bottoms riding,up or the top being tugged downward just,a little bit,however with the one piece there is no,risk that your stomach will be seen i’ve,recently found that i’m a little bit,more of a dow,i’ve recently discovered that i’m more,of a two-piece girl i’d rather people,see a little peak of my stomach than,either of the two,aforementioned areas especially in terms,of the bottoms which is why i started,making my own a couple years ago when i,realized there was a budding,trend that i was not on board with high,cut leg holes,speaking of which why has this trend,survived multiple years how has it,survived 2020.,practically nothing else has can we make,this the year that this heinous,humiliation contraption of a garment,dies,who do i call to,[Music],hi cancel crew cancel crew i have your,next victim for you,um these bottoms i’ve had it up to here,with them,so here’s a quick rundown of how i’ve,been making my bottoms,good boy,let me tell you if you genuinely want,people to respect the six foot distance,rule get yourself one of these bad boys,no you’re not a bad you’re a good boy,it’s just a figure of speech,i don’t know if everybody just sort of,internalized alfred hitchcock’s the,birds or if it’s really just a respect,thing out of fear that he might fly away,from me but people really keep their,distance,don’t they okay well yeah there was that,one drunk guy that literally wandered,into my yard just to touch him while he,was on my shoulder,you were a good judge of character on,that one you actually did fly away,okay let’s go be sure to get either a,spandex or a lycra a good trick to,remembering the word lycra is it sounds,like the beginning of like,christ which you should be when at a,store cause you know he was friendly to,everybody,a great way to lower the cost of your,project is to line your swimsuit not in,the same spandex that you have on top,but in this cheaper,flesh colored material nextly you’re,going to want some of these bra inserts,especially if you’re planning on,swimming in cold water but don’t buy,them at the store get them on ebay if,you’re making a two-piece you’ll want,some white elastic for the waistband and,regardless of what you’re making you,will definitely need some thin elastic,if you have some strange phobia of not,wearing metal you can get one of these,closures as well i highly recommend you,get creative with some of the decorative,elasticized trims that they have at,joann because i only got this one and it,turned out fantastic but i’d love to see,what all of you could come up with with,some of the other trims when in line to,check out be sure to give your bird some,affection to reward him for being such a,good boy,really another great trip to the store,he behaved really well uh the only issue,is this towel keeps falling off so i,need a better,poop catching method a quick pull would,it be weird if i put,a maxi pad on my shoulder now return to,your rv,reach into the hidden compartment under,your table retrieve any needed supplies,attach a prosthetic for length and dial,your machine to the setting of zigzag,stitch now time to make some bottoms,double up a piece of your fabric then,trace some underwear that you like the,fit of or in this case some bottoms that,i made a couple years ago that i traced,off of some underwear then add a few,inches to the top depending on how,high-waisted you want them to be,in this case i made them extra extra,high-waisted so that i could bunch them,up and make sort of a ruched effect real,quick sorry if there’s some strange,noises in the background of my,voiceovers it’s because this is,happening in the next room,now you’ll want to trim the front half,of your leg holes inward a bit because,usually you’re a little bit bigger in,the back than you are in the front to,complete this action,lay the whole garment out and then fold,it in half long ways then,mindful of your chicken’s feet cut away,a toenail clipping shaped piece uh-oh,i think it’s that part of the day okay,so i’m gonna have to take a quick break,so i can give her a peaceful,egg-laying environment but alas she was,taking too long probably because i was,staring at her i don’t think i could lay,an egg with someone staring at me either,so i set to work cutting out the lining,and then,she’s leaving you know what that means i,missed it i’m sorry guys if you want to,actually watch her lay an egg watch my,kylie jenner christmas dress video,feel how warm this is now attach the,lining to the main fabric using a top,stitch all along the perimeter,then if you’re me get distracted by a,foreign language argument,[Laughter],okay but what does that mean not to,sound privileged but i only speak,english it’s all i’ve ever had to know,now here’s the secret to bottoms that,won’t ride up you want to cut a strip of,elastic to be exactly the width of your,upper thigh and then line the leg holes,with it,although i don’t know you maybe you want,it to ride up then after sewing up the,sides of your bottoms cut a piece,of elastic to the size of your waist sew,it into one big loop and then place it,over the,yeah use your eyes for this because i,don’t have words now i’m going to show,you how to make a simple bikini top,begin with a rectangle of fabric that is,about two and a half hershey bars wide,and about one and a half tall fold it,into the width of one hershey bar,and then again into half a hershey bar,now you’re going to cut out teardrop,shapes make sure they are not triangles,the bottom really has to be rounded for,this to work trace it onto your lining,fabric then pin and sew along the edges,leaving three openings one at the top,and one at each side,now cut out a slithery little snake of,fabric twice the width of the elastic,you want to use for your straps,fold it in half sew it into a big long,tube and then turn it inside out for,this you can use a safety pin,a loop turner or an exceptionally,trained colony of ants now make that,snake eat the snake that is your elastic,feeding it through until it peeks out on,each end which given the metaphor sounds,like a digestive issue then do the same,for the piece that will go around your,rib cage now you could make this twice,as long as i made it if you want it to,tie in the back but i’m using one of,those little clasps so i made it just,about a fingertip longer than the width,of my rib cage then feed that through,the bottom holes at the corners of your,teardrops and then sew right along the,top of it creating a channel,now insert your pads through that tiny,cave door at the top then insert the,bottom edge of your strap into each of,those same openings attaching the clasps,is so easy i won’t even explain it to,you,you guys are smart and i don’t want to,seem like i’m talking down to you that’s,why all my tutorials are so bad,i don’t want to insult your intelligence,but i will say everything will be a lot,more secure if you zigzag stitch some,elastic onto the edge of it including,the inside of your bikini top and as a,little treat to you i will give you the,grand reveal of this one right now,because i won’t be modeling it at the,end when i model all the other pieces,but here’s what i do intend to wear and,often i’ve made this style already and,it’s probably my favorite,trace one of your favorite sports bras i,preferred the width and length of one,and the neckline of another so i made my,own little frankenstein combination i,cut two layers of identical pieces for,the front and back but for the back i,decided to trim it into a deep v just,for a fun little back tan line,like with most garments sew around the,edges while it’s inside out but this,time you’re going to sew elastic onto,all of those edges too,now like with the bikini we are going to,sew a channel all along the bottom to,encase our rib cage elastic,now stitch up those sides as well as the,top of the straps and then flip it,inside out,cut a hole in the side of just the inner,layer of fabric to slide in your pads i,recommend saving a little piece of the,selvage edge of your fabric so that you,can use it as a tie in the front center,of your top to either shake up the look,or just get a better tan line,another fun hack is this if you’re going,to a friend’s graduation party but lack,a good gift idea i highly recommend a,plaster cast of their own head,congratulations ruthie i pray you really,get ahead in life and now for probably,the simplest top that i made this one,only took me about an hour total,cut out a headboard shape of fabric two,layers then sew along the top edge,measure a piece of elastic to slope over,your chest and meet at the bottom under,your armpits pin it in place at each,outside edge as well as the center of,the inside of your headboard,and then sew it in place pulling tugging,and stretching as you go now this is,where our decorative elastic comes into,play cut it exactly to the width of your,rib cage then top stitch it to the,bottom of your top make a couple long,black worms and slap them onto the top,of your top and you have straps then,simply sew the elastic in place in the,back because this stuff is so stretchy,no closure is needed then i set to work,making another pair of bottoms with a,specific request from my followers in,mind many of my followers stated that,they desired better tummy control,now this can be achieved by getting some,shapewear from a thrift store and,cutting it into the shape of your,bottoms and using it as a lining now,this is a top pageant secret or was,a top pageant secret,yeah pageant place someone leaked some,info for the front of my bottoms i cut,out the exact shape onto the lining but,for the back i kind of left,the bottom part open because i guess i,just didn’t really want that part of me,to be smushed in then like usual i,pinned and sewed it along the edges,inside out now we’re gonna remove the,pins and flip it right side out by the,way if you’re concerned about what tonto,is doing that being,an inordinate amount of nothing for an,unwholesome amount of time,that’s normal lastly i sewed some of,that same fancy trim onto the waistband,the next day before i could get to work,on the swimsuits we had to release a,raccoon that we caught in our yard,it was hard to say goodbye to those,precious little hands but i knew that he,really wanted to go,so um he barked at my dad and then ran,away,oh he’s climbing up a flipping tree hey,friend then i decided to try something,new something a little bit like a tie,front top that i made for my friend,courtney a little while back but with,slightly longer ties so that hopefully,it could stretch and tie in the back,making sort of a wrap effect now,unfortunately i don’t have enough of,this fabric to make bottoms so,i’m just going to have to wear this with,either my pink swimsuit bottoms or,as a shirt with maybe this skirt,and this is too it’s basically an,undergarment swimsuit which is kind of,the same thing has anyone else just,always thought it was odd that wearing,undergarments in public was frowned upon,totally not okay unless there was a body,of water nearby,it’s like these upper thighs completely,unfit to be seen,a few blocks away here by the water it’s,great expected maybe something is just,broken inside of me i noticed the thing,you’re not supposed to notice,like hannah montana’s best friend’s,brother you know he had the sixth sense,well i have the seven i recognize that,we’re all in our undies at the beach,that’s the seventh sense that that’s why,as a teenager i always wore shorts with,my bathing suit because otherwise it was,just like living that nightmare where,you show up somewhere in public and,you’re on your underwear except it was,real life and everybody else was in them,too but apparently,i grew out of that because i’m making a,plethora of swimsuits and i do intend to,wear them all,so hip hip a crit,hypocrite,speaking of underwear i remember back,when i was in musicals and i had a solo,coming up and i was really nervous,someone would always come at me with,that advice picture the audience in,their underwear,and i’m sorry but that is just the worst,advice because now i can’t stop,picturing them in their underwear and,it’s making me,more uncomfortable like who wouldn’t get,uncomfortable picturing all their,friends parents in their underwear who,came up with that advice like you’re,telling me there’s some weirdy out there,that gets some sick sense of comfort in,the presence of,undie-clad mobs like the panty parties,here the tiny whitey tribes,accounted for now that my eyes have,filled their quota of pasty white thighs,now,now i’m comfortable enough to hit all,the high notes in my solo,yeah cancel crew that advice,now being that this fabric was a lighter,color than most i decided to double line,it so that the pads wouldn’t show,through as soon as it got wet so instead,of placing the pads between the outer,fabric and the lining fabric i was just,placing it between the two lining,fabrics also as with everything else i,added elastic around the edges to make,it a lot sturdier i didn’t get a very,good shot of me working on the back of,this top but just know the back is the,shape of the front of a sports bra,and now as sort of an afterthought let,me show you how to make a one piece,because i didn’t do that measure from,your shoulder to your crotch,and then draw just a general bodysuit,pattern the beauty of swimsuit making is,you don’t really have to pay attention,to what size you’re making because it’s,stretchy,after cutting out the neckline save,those two scrap pieces for if you have a,daughter someday and you want to make,her a matching swimsuit and now to get,the perfect fit before you sew the,pieces together you’re just going to,hold it up to yourself so far this one,looks like it makes my hair color look a,little dingy,like like this wasn’t the fabric for me,if you find that the fabric you chose is,not flattering,adjust your hair color as needed much,better the front half of my one piece is,composed of two identical layers whereas,i only used one on the back so for the,front side i sewed the elastic,on while it was inside out then flipped,it right side out and for the back i,simply folded the fabric over the,elastic i don’t know about you but i,find the accurate directions to be,really boring are you guys feeling,sleepy too,i’ll try to be less descriptive next,time oh this it’s somewhat important i,recommend getting a little bit extra,of whatever fabric you pick out and,making a separate tie just a long tube,of fabric honestly an underrated tool of,flatteringness is just,distraction if for whatever reason,there’s a part of your body you don’t,want people to look at just draw the eye,elsewhere whether that be,making a little bow for your hair or a,belt an eye patch maybe carry around,some taxidermy maybe a snake coiled,around each ankle,that might help if you’re confused about,where i am my sewing machine decided to,start being a little turd,so i had to move out into the shed where,my backup machine,if you’d like to avoid prying stairs of,strangers i recommend sewing up the,sides of your garment i hand sewed cups,into the suit but for those of you who,want more support i want you to know,that you don’t have to be afraid to wear,an actual bra in the water you know,there’s actually no rule against it and,with this suit the way it’s cut you can,do that and the bra won’t show it all,[Music],[Applause],[Music],uh,[Music],okay now i want to model all the two,pieces but it just feels so weird,without,a real body of water nearby most of the,pools are closed,i have a friend who has a pool several,states away,[Music],you

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